EATS - ALES - SPIRITS | 710 West Trade Street - Suite E - Charlotte, NC 28202

pub-at-gateway-exteriorPub (pub) noun. An establishment serving beer and sometimes other alcoholic beverages for consumption on premise.
Opening in the spring of 2007, The Pub at Gateway is a modern day pub and restaurant located in the heart of Uptown Charlotte on Trade Street, between Graham Street and Cedar Street. Modern in its décor, the stained concrete flooring, big LCD TV’s and granite bar tops are intertwined with the dark wood trimmings and furnishings that you would see in every classic pub. The Pub has also strived to truly capture and create the intimate feeling of a neighborhood bar and succeeded in doing so, thus given the slogan “Uptown Charlotte’s Neighborhood Bar”.


Just as our name is simple and straight to the point, so are our concepts and values. We believe in cold beer, stiff drinks, quality food, friendly staff, fun entertainment, and good music. With entertainment ranging from live acoustic music to poker, trivia, and DJ’s (which play music ranging from rock and roll to top 40’s and 80’s classics), The Pub has a little something for everybody. With our daily entertainment, food and drink specials, and our courteous and friendly staff, The Pub at Gateway will not disappoint.




pub_history_picIn 2007, partners Mike Ivie and Eddie “Chachi” Romero teamed up to build and open their interpretation of what a modern local pub would be like, thus The Pub at Gateway was born.


The Pub at Gateway prided itself upon holding onto the concepts and values Mike Ivie and Eddie Romero first envisioned for their neighborhood bar: cold beer, stiff drinks, quality food, friendly staff, fun entertainment, and good music. Keeping the pride, the vision and values alive, The Pub at Gateway would grow rapidly over the years and stamp a name for themselves in Charlotte’s restaurant and bar industry.